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Cleverly Brew Better Coffee!
Recently we came across a new gadget, one that we were pleasantly surprised with it's fantastic results! It's called the Clever Coffee Dripper and we think it's excellent for brewing and getting a great extraction for our lighter roasts. Essentially...
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Decaf Coffee: Flipping the Script
So why not craft a really unique roast, take the time to care about it, put the same passion and effort into a decaf offering as we do one of our standard roasts. Freshly roasted coffee is truly best, so we bring you now a roasted to order decaf experience unlike any other. This is not your Grandma's decaf.
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The "Golden Ratio" for Brewing Coffee
The ratio for the perfect balance of coffee & water is called the "Golden Ratio." This ratio was developed by the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) to ensure the best cup of coffee or The Golden Cup Standard. One...
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