"Murder Free Coffee" Supporting Conflict Zone Farmers

 “Murder Free Coffee”

What started out as a DrLupo joke in chat, “Do other companies claim their product is Murder Free?” It then grew into a meme and has become something that we have not been able to shake ourselves from… Thanks DrLupo. So when it came time to discuss a new roast with the man himself, we sat there and said “You know what? Let’s lean into it!”

Introducing the new DrLupo “Murder Free Roast” it’s not just a joke, we actually have taken to arms and set out to bring a change. Since inception, we have been working with our coffee sourcing partners and really trying to highlight some unique programs. This next step we are taking to further that action is sourcing coffees harvested from former conflict zones.

Coffee production in these former conflict zones is essential to living for a lot of these farmers from Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. They have been quite literally fighting to produce quality coffees and make a living for their families, their villages and their communities. Thanks to the internet the ever-growing coffee community, our partners have been able to source a steady supply of exceptional and exotic coffees from these locations.


We want to give back, we want to support these artisans and offer a steady supply line from farm to cup, that’s why we have chosen and crafted this exceptional blend of coffees. This roast is directly giving back and supporting these producers and offering them a chance to better their lives.

DrLupo wanted to go in a lighter direction than the Lifeline Roast, so this roast offers a complex cornucopia of flavors, a mix of natural and fully washed coffees from DR Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. A blend of medium bold roasted coffees bring smooth dark chocolate notes with a bright and tangy hint of tamarind and orange zest that play perfectly in this cup. Bold fruity flavors of raspberry and brown sugar swirl around this roast and make it a truly excellent cup of coffee.

So join us in raising awareness, supporting a cause and giving back directly! Is your coffee murder free? Perhaps it should be.