Women Coffee Producers: Kings Coast and RWBY

Women Coffee Producers: Kings Coast and RWBY

Throughout the coffee world there are these shining stars, working to produce some of the best coffees and bring them to market. Our partners at Cafe Imports have set up a program that highlights and gives back to these stars, the are the women coffee producers. 

"In an attempt to recognize and promote the work women do growing and producing coffees around the world, we have developed—and seek to expand—a program empowering women along the global coffee supply chain by creating equity, visibility, and access to a wider market.

While the role of women is culturally distinct from region to region within the coffee-producing world, we have created a set of base guidelines for the organizations and communities whose coffees are highlighted in this program, which helps us to work collaboratively with the growers to establish premiums and parameters for their participation.

The women often choose to apply the premiums to projects in their communities, such as educational efforts and increased health-care access, but there are no stipulations to the use of the funds: The premiums Cafe Imports pays represent a small step toward eliminating the inequity that women face in coffee, and recognizes the specific financial considerations and hardships that women in general face around the world, both within and without the coffee industry."

At Kings Coast Coffee Company we pride ourselves in building a creative and diverse team and wanted to highlight these shining stars in the coffee world from farmers to producers to baristas and coffee warehouse managers. We want to raise the bar in gender equality in the work place and provide a stable work environment that values our workers for their merits, morals and ethics regardless of gender, race or orientation. 

So when it came time to discuss the next Rooster Teeth offering in our Bespoke Reserve Collection, we were drawn in (pun intended) on RWBY

We’ve gone to the edge of the earth and to another realm to bring you this exclusive new roast in our partnership with Rooster Teeth. Introducing the Huntress Blend, our next installment in the Bespoke Reserve collection. 

Hand selected, crafted and roasted in collaboration with Kerry Shawcross, Miles Luna and Eddy Rivas of Rooster Teeth and our head roaster Wayne Cafariella. This is a unique blend of coffees sourced from women run coffee co-ops from Peru and Sumatra. These women run coffee farms offer some exquisite and unique offerings and in an effort to raise awareness, honor the spirit of these women heroes as well as those in the show RWBY we proudly bring this roast to you. The art design is a living “in-world” coffee roastery in the Mistral Mountains and pays tribute to the brave huntress that keeps the Remnant safe. The creative design and vision of Courtney Brenek. Keep your eyes peeled as this roast will make a cameo in Volume 8!

From one world to another, this cup of coffee is truly exceptional. Bright, mild citrus notes and herbal tea undertones highlight this roast. Well balanced, medium body and a caramel and toffee finish are what you’ll find in the heart of this cup. We are proud to stand with and support the women creators of the show RWBY as well as the coffee producers who bring these truly exceptional crops to the market year after year!