Welcome to the NEW Roaster's Choice!

This is a modern and reimagined way of tracing what's in the bag! We want you to experience, learn and enjoy the coffee through the lens of our roasting team! 

Here at Kings Coast we are pulling back the layers and showing you how we search, source and hunt for the coffees that we use in our Roaster's Choice subscription. Each bag will have a QR code on the back, scan it and that will direct you here, to learn about the beans you received as well as past roasts that you may have missed out on!

Roast Dates will reference a Lot Number, Region, Tasting notes, the Processing method and a "traceability link" which will lead you directly to our suppliers pages, where you can learn about the coffee in a fully immersive and educational experience!

7/24/2023-7/25/2023 LOT-072423 Colombia & Nicaragua Caramel / Brown Sugar Fully Washed Blend of Sourced Central American Coffees
7/26/2023 - 8/11/2023 LOT-20073 Burundi Coffee Cherry / Toasted Almond Natural Bean Details
8/14/2023 LOT-21032 Colombia Pecan / Clove Spice Fully Washed Beanology 
8/17/2023 - 8/29/2023 LOT-20434 Boliva Cocoa / Red Wine Fully Washed Beanology
8/31/2023 - 9/1/2023 LOT-83123 Tanzania Raspberry / Black Tea Natural Beanology
9/5/2023 -  9/172023 LOT-19834 Costa Rica Lemon Cake / Fresh Fruit Yellow Honey Beanology
9/18/2023 - 10/10/2023


Peru Pecan / Savory Fully Washed Beanology
10/12/2023 - 10/23/2023 LOT-83123 Tanzania Raspberry / Black Tea Natural Beanology
10/24/2023 - 11/6/2023 LOT-20505 Guatemala Orange / Toffee Fully Washed Beanology
11/9/2023 - 12/15/203 LOT-19694 Honduras Red Wine / Clove Spice Natural Beanology
12/18/2023 - 1/5/2024 LOT-20374 Nicaragua Cocoa / Toasted Pecan Fully Washed Beanology
1/8/2024 - 1/19/2024 LOT- 20651 Uganda Cherry / Warming Spices Natural Beanology
1/22/2024 - 2/10/2024 LOT-20517 Colombia Burnt Sugar / Cocoa Fully Washed Beanology
2/12/2024 - 3/12/2024 LOT-20805 Honduras Pecan / Toasted Almond Fully Washed Beanology
3/14/2024 - 4/14/2024 LOT-19363 Peru Cherry / Milk Chocolate Fully Washed Beanology
4/15/2024 -  4/27/204 LOT-21924 Colombia Malted Chocolate / Dark Fruits Fully Washed


4/29/2024 - 6/12/2024 LOT-21614 Burundi Papaya / Chocolate Covered Raisin Fully Washed


6/13/2024 LOT-22643 Colombia Molasses / Citrus Zest Fully Washed Beanology

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