This is not your grandma’s decaf! The Golden Hour Decaf is something new we're introducing to our lineup. A rotating, varying selection in the style of our Roaster's Choice. Each time you order it will be a bit of a mystery! For those who may wish to enjoy the flavor of of our coffees but without the caffeine. 

We will be hand selecting and trying new and exciting offerings of coffee that are caffeine free and still roasted with the same level and attention to detail as any of our roasts.

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At Kings Coast Coffee, we take pride in our roast-to-order process, ensuring that every cup of coffee is crafted to perfection. We meticulously select the finest beans, skillfully roast each batch, and never compromise on quality. While it may take 3-5 business days to roast your order, we believe that great coffee can't be rushed. Your order is roasted to order, guaranteeing freshness, and then carefully packaged and shipped to your door. Trust our commitment to quality and savor the exceptional coffee experience we deliver.