Fighting against the ever rising tide, how we're trying to stay swimming at Kings Coast Coffee Company

Fighting against the ever rising tide, how we're trying to stay swimming at Kings Coast Coffee Company

Welcome to 2022, another year in the books and another year filled with growth, new highs and lows, challenges and accomplishments.

There's been a lot of work behind the scenes to get things in place and prepared to make 2022 quite an epic year, we're looking forward to rolling out some of the new roasts and promotions that we've been working on for months. Some favorites will be returning in the coming months (looking at you Cold Brew) as well as rolling out a tiered rewards system as well as a Kings Coast ambassador's club, where we give EVERYONE the chance to be an influencer for our brand. So keep an eye out and follow us on all socials to stay in the loop. 

As we look out across the horizon on the new year,  we are excited to continue to expand and continue to do what we set out to do on inception: provide passionate coffee drinkers top quality coffee, freshly roasted and delivered to your door. That mission will never deviate, however it does come with a cost. 

Coffee is a globally traded commodity, green, coffee beans comprise one of the most traded agricultural commodities in the world; the commodity is traded in futures contracts on many exchanges. That global market is in constant flux, we pay based on the c-market price for our supply. 

One of the greatest increases in costs is shipping. The rates have continued to increase, we have seen prices rapidly and steadily increase for the better part of almost two years now and all the while we have been holding the line on our side. To succeed and continue in this business we do have to adapt and with that we have to make some changes.

  • As of Friday January 14th we are raising our prices across the board by $1.00
  • Shipping rates at checkout will reflect the carrier pricing that USPS and UPS charge (we do not make money off of shipping)
  • Subscriptions will be charged for shipping
  • Subscription orders will receive a 15% discount
  • Subscribers will keep their legacy pricing (current price) until changes are made to to the existing subscription. Shipping charges will begin on orders that hit our system as of 1/14/2022
  • Kings Club members will receive exclusive 24 hour advance access to purchase new releases prior to launch date
  • Bulk orders will always be the best way to "save" on shipping, orders of $100 or more will ship for free!

In order for us to continue to provide specialty coffee at the quality and standard that we all have grown accustomed to, that change in necessary. We thank you all for the continued support, you are the reason why we continue to push on through this ever changing wild landscape.

From all of us here at Kings Coast Coffee Company we want to thank you for making us #YourLocalRoaster and we look forward to providing you with exceptional coffee in the year 2022 and beyond!