The Art of Honey Processing: Unpacking Summer Swells

The Art of Honey Processing: Unpacking Summer Swells

As coffee enthusiasts, we love diving into the intricate details of coffee production. It's the journey of the bean, from the farm to your cup, that makes every sip of coffee a unique experience. And one such process that significantly contributes to the flavor profile of your coffee is the method of processing. Today, we are excited to delve into the art of honey processing, a method we've used to create our latest seasonal offering - Summer Swells.

The honey process, originating from Costa Rica, involves a unique technique of coffee processing where some of the coffee cherry's mucilage (or 'honey') is left on the bean during drying. This method is named 'honey' due to the sticky texture of the beans during the drying process, not because it imparts a honey-like flavor. However, it does lend a unique sweetness to the coffee, often resulting in a cup that balances the fruity acidity with a subtle, natural sweetness.

With Summer Swells, we've embraced the art of honey processing to create a coffee blend that's refreshingly different. The honey process enhances the natural fruitiness of the beans, adding a layer of complexity and a smooth, sweet finish. Each sip of Summer Swells reveals a delightful burst of summer fruit flavors, complemented beautifully by the coffee's light roast and natural sweetness.

But the magic of honey processing doesn't stop at sweetness. The method also allows for a body that is rich and satisfying, making Summer Swells a coffee that can be enjoyed both as a vibrant morning pick-me-up or as a soothing afternoon treat. It's the perfect blend to experience the unique impact of honey processing on coffee's flavor profile.

At Kings Coast Coffee, we are committed to bringing you a coffee experience that is as enriching as it is enjoyable. With Summer Swells, we hope to introduce you to the art of honey processing and its delightful effect on coffee's taste. So why not explore the unique sweetness and balanced flavors of our new blend?

Get ready to experience the honey difference with Summer Swells. Unpack the art of honey processing with each sip, and let the rich, fruity notes and natural sweetness elevate your coffee experience this summer. Order your bag of Summer Swells today, and taste the sweet difference that honey processing makes.