Decaf Coffee: Flipping the Script

Decaf Coffee: Flipping the Script

Here at Kings Coast, we engage and interact with our loyal supporters. We feel that for the most part, you all have some great ideas and recommendations (for the most part) and we always tend to hear and deliver on what the people are asking for. So with that in mind, one of the things we've heard is the request for a decaffeinated coffee from Kings Coast. 

If you had asked me 6 months ago if we'd do decaf, I would've laughed and said "absolutely not, no point!" Why not, you may ask? Quite frankly, because I have had zero interest in the product. Until recently, there really just wasn't an option that made sense for us. We pride ourselves in sourcing truly unique and great coffees from across the globe. However when it comes to decaf, there really weren't many options out there. That was until we came across a product that caught our attention. 

It's called Sugar Cane processing, I could go into full details about the process however someone already beat me to it and did it much better than I could. So here's a link to that blog, to learn more about the processing of the coffee that we're sourcing for our new roast, simply titled "Daybreak Roast"

I had an awesome conversation with a colleague about decaf and we both made our jokes about it, "brown sadness water" or "forget about it coffee" the list runs on and on, but then a point was made that really changed my entire perspective on decaf as a whole. "People who drink decaf coffee, really enjoy the flavor of coffee." That struck a chord with me, it's true. So why not craft a really unique roast, take the time to care about it, put the same passion and effort into a decaf offering as we do one of our standard roasts. Freshly roasted coffee is truly best, so we bring you now a roasted to order decaf experience unlike any other. This is not your Grandma's decaf. This is expertly sourced, processed and roasted black gold.