Cold Brew that doesn't take 24 hours to prepare!

Cold Brew that doesn't take 24 hours to prepare!

It's a hot summer day, that afternoon lull is starting to set in and you want a nice cup of ice cold coffee. Cold brewed coffee is becoming quite the rage and it's benefits offer a smooth and refreshing new take on the classic "iced coffee." The process can be a little tedious and requires you to steep your coffee grinds in water for anywhere from 12-24 hours (we find 16-18 optimal.) 

Only problem is, you drank it all and you have none prepared! Introducing the "Japanese Cold Brew" This method of preparing coffee is very similar to preparing a traditional pour over, however you'll be brewing over ice. 

If you've read and purchased the required equipment to brew like a pro, featured in this post here, then you're ready to take your cold brew game to the next level.


What you'll need:

-Chemex Brand 8 cup Coffee Maker

-Chemex Brand Natural Coffee Filters

-Electric Kettle with Controllable Thermostat

-Digital Scale that converts to grams

-Your Favorite Kings Coast Coffee Roast


The Recipe:

60 Grams of your favorite Kings Coast Roast

200 Grams of Ice Cubes

400 Grams of Water

You're going to want to grind your coffee as finely as possible for this method, to allow maximum flavor to extract into your brew. You'll be substituting ice for some of the water you would normally account for and for this you'll be using less water to brew. 

We used 60 grams of finely ground Bayman's Blend. You start by placing your carafe on the scale and setting the weight to zero grams. Then add 200 grams of ice cubes and set your scale back to zero. Begin heating your water to 190F.

Following the standard process of making a pour over, start by blooming 150 grams of water over your grinds. Then continue to pour the remaining water over your grind till you reach 400 grams total. 

By brewing with a hot method you'll bring out the flavors of the roast that you get from a traditional brewed coffee, however immediately icing it down creates that smooth and balanced brew you get from cold brewing methods. 

Toss a couple iced cubes in a glass and pour your brewed coffee in, this may be a little strong for your liking, we recommend topping with a little filtered ice water. Remember as the ice cubes start to melt it will dilute your brew, so keep that in mind. 

Enjoy a quickly, cold brewed coffee!