Cleverly Brew Better Coffee!

Cleverly Brew Better Coffee!

Recently we came across a new gadget, one that we were pleasantly surprised with it's fantastic results! It's called the Clever Coffee Dripper and we think it's excellent for brewing and getting a great extraction for our lighter roasts. Essentially it's the same method as doing a pourover, but a lot more manageable and easier to get great results.

What you'll need:

Get yourself a scale! Weigh your coffee grinds AND water for accurate results!

20 Grams of your favorite Kings Coast Roast

300 Grams of Water, at 200F

Clever Coffee Dripper

A Kings Coast Mug


Step 1:

Preheat your water to 200 degrees, add 20 grams of grind to the Clever Coffee Dripper and tare your scale to set to zero. When the water is at 200F pour 100 grams of water over the grinds and start a timer, bloom for 30 seconds. 

Step 2:

Add the remaining 200 grams of water to total 300 grams of water. Cover the Clever Dripper with the lid provided and steep for 4 minutes of total time. While your coffee is steeping, preheat a mug or carafe with the extra warmed water in your kettle. Why? To avoid shocking the coffee by pouring into a cold container. 

Step 3:

At the 4 minute mark place the clever dripper on top of a carafe or directly over a pre warmed coffee mug to activate the pouring mechanism. 

Step 4:

Enjoy your coffee! That's it, THAT'S how easy it is to brew an EXCELLENT cup of coffee like a pro!