The Darkness Blend

Origin: Brazil & Peru
Varietal: Catuai, Caturra, Topazio, Acaia
Body: Light, Crisp
Acidity: Medium, Bright              
Process: Natural & Washed
Flavor Notes: Cocoa, Honey, Crisp Strawberry
Roast Level: Medium (Blend of light and dark)

We are proud to bring you this next collaboration, introducing The Darkness Blend. Now, wait... it says Darkness, but it's a medium roast?! That's right! This one of a kind and handpicked roast of everyone’s favorite, Timmeh aka Darkness429. Chosen for it’s smooth and crisply refreshing drinkability this blend is truly unique. Featuring the highly caffeinated Brazilian Acaia, this cup is the perfect start to any day or just the right roast to get you going. Crisp, subtle strawberry and apple notes pair with cocoa and a smooth sweet finish.