Your Customer Experience and Kings Coast Coffee!

Your Customer Experience and Kings Coast Coffee!

Your customer experience and Kings Coast Coffee moving forward!

We just blinked and we’re at year 6, it’s 2023… what the heck happened?! The last time we did any major updates to our offerings was September of 2021, we have since then gone through a wild and unprecedented storm of what “keeping up in the modern business world requires.”
At this stage in the game, the words “supply chain shortages” are enough to make our skin crawl. There has been so much that has happened and changed in the past two years, but all the while two things have remained the same: Our coffee in the bags and the passion that goes into continuing to be YOUR local coffee roaster.

As we approach our Sixth year Anniversary, we are rolling out some much-needed tweaks, updates and refocusing on what matters the most: your experience. We are rolling out a full-on brand refresh and anticipate the arrival of some new packaging that we cannot wait to show off for you! With the new, we have decided to take out some of the old and focus on streamlining the coffee experience.
Focusing on the packaging experience has led us to listen to feedback from the consumers, one of the complaints we’ve heard and since found a way to solve is bulk bags not having the resealable zip pouch! We have started to offer our coffee in Kilo bags (2.2lbs for us Americans) These Kilo bags will offer the same experience as our 12oz bags with the one-way gas valves and zip pouches! Five-pound bags are being relegated to our wholesale clients and the Kilo is the way of the future. Current subscribers will be honored as a “legacy item” and will still be honored moving forward unless changes are made to that subscription. If you would still like to receive that amount of coffee, the solution will be to simply double up on a Kilo bag of your choice!
One thing that you will immediately start to see change is HOW we talk about and reference our coffee. We want to focus on the taste and the experience of each roast. Moving into the future, this is something we have learned along the way, tying ourselves down to a specific coffee offering can lead us into a trap of having to wait for fresh crops to arrive. Focusing on the taste and the experience of our roasts and blends has allowed us to source coffees that will deliver an extraordinary cup of coffee and continue to provide you with the classic Kings Coast Coffee experience you’ve known to love!
Roaster’s Choice has a fun, new, interactive feature that will help you track and be able to view the supplier details on the coffee that is in each bag! We have linked you to our supplier’s portal, where you can learn, experience, and educate on the world of coffee like you never have before! All while being able to taste and experience how we take that coffee and put our spin on it! These have already started rolling out, so keep an eye out for that QR code on the back of the bag!

Our coffee and the New Lineup:
Aztec Gold and Kaldi Gold: these two iconic single origins are some of our top sellers and will continue to remain in the lineup, have no fear! They will be referenced to as just Aztec and Kaldi moving forward!
The Coastal Collection remains the same, it’s the core of which our blends all revolve around and will continue to be a beacon of quality for our brand!


  • Dawn Patrol
  • Deep Water
  • Fair Winds
  • Bayman’s Blend
  • Lamplighter

Espresso: We’re fully dialed in!
  • Countach will forever remain the driving force of our café experience, that Lambo ain’t going nowhere!
  • Bowbreaker (Bow as in the bow of a ship, not a bow and arrow) has become quite a crowd favorite and will be our secondary option in espresso. Created for those who prefer a bit stronger and classic “Italian style” espresso roast

Seasonal Selections: These will continue to roll out and change with the seasons, always launching on the equinox!

  • Winter Waves
  • Spring Surge
  • Summer Swells
  • Autumn Tide
  • Christmas Blend (starts November 15th 2023)

Creator’s Collection: These roasts are collaboration efforts with some incredible creators, they are the core of this offering and we’ll be working on trying to search out the next one to be featured! Stay tuned!

  • Dr Lupo Lifeline
  • Darkness Blend
  • Khanquer
  • Cohhillition
  • MayDay

Roaster’s Choice! Learn, Experience and Explore!

  • Roaster’s Choice: is our top selling roast by miles, it’s a fun “mystery box” style of subscription and we will continue to lean into that! We now will have a QR code on each bag that will lead you to a “Traceabliity” page, where you can learn about each roast like never before!
  • Golden Hour Decaf: this will continue to be a changing offering, similar to Roaster’s Choice, we will search and continue to source natural, chemical free decaffeinated coffees from around the globe!


What is Sunsetting (this isn’t a goodbye forever, it’s a Bon Voyage for now)

  • Highlands Gold (fans will love the Bayman’s Blend)
  • Brazilian Gold (fans will love the Darkness Blend)
  • Sierra Gold (Fans will love the Cohhilition or MayDay roasts)
  • Downeaster Espresso (Go check out the Countach)
We have spent a painstaking amount of time and effort, searching for the solutions to these modern-day problems. Our team is dedicated and locked in on getting “back to basics” and focusing on the craft of what we do and what makes our coffee stand out in a sea of mediocrity. We thank you for the continued patronage and it is our honor to continue to roast coffee for YOU! Without YOU, this equation simply doesn’t exist, let alone add up!

YOU + Kings Coast = US! <3