Sustainability and Kings Coast Coffee

As of April 1st, 2022 Kings Coast Coffee Company is changing everything. 
We have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to make changes, changes to how we continue to source, provide and offer exceptional coffee in an ever changing global market. We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Biotre to bring fully biodegradable and compostable packaging to our lineup.
Join us in taking a step forward and looking at the impact of our footprint. Environmental impact is something that as we have grown, we need to address and make sure that we are doing our part! We are going to be rolling out changes in waves, some of those changes are immediate, while others will take place over the coming months.
"Words mean nothing, Actions mean everything!"
As always, we like to keep our supporters educated and in the loop of all things we do here at Kings Coast. We like to share and take a peak behind the curtain, always keeping transparency at the forefront of our business. We have shared that 2022 has already been one of the most challenging years for us to date. The global economy and supply chain has given us issues like we have not seen before. We try to keep those issues to a minimum, however when they impact our standards and quality, that is where we need to make adjustments. 
We will be trimming our lineup and sunsetting a few roasts, a concentrated lineup that highlights our strengths and some of our top selling roasts is what our focus was on these changes. Below we will lay out how our lineup will look as of April 1st, 2022. 
Subscribers who's roasts have been sunset will be automatically rolled into the Roaster's Choice subscription. This will be the easiest way to transition over and keep your coffee supply line uninterrupted. As always, you may log in to your customer portal and make changes to select a roast that best meets your coffee preferences. We will also be updating the "Find Your Roast" quiz to help find replacements and suggestions based on these changes. 
Here's the Lineup!
The Coastal Collection: learn more!
-Fair Winds
-Bayman's Blend
-Deep Water (Formerly Get Woke)
-Dawn Patrol (Formerly EZ Morning)
The Espresso Collection: learn more!
-Countach: Our Cafe Staple - Caramel & Velvety
-Down Easter: West Coast Style - Bright & Fruity
-Bow Breaker: Classic Italian Style - Chocolate & Creamy
The Gold Collection: learn more!
This is the biggest area of change,  We are revamping the entire single origin experience. We are cleaning up the look of our single origins, refreshing them and giving them a focused branding. We have selected the 5 top selling roasts from the main regions of the coffee belt an each region is donned in Gold!

-Aztec Gold (Our number one selling roast, Medium & Dark Mexican Chiapas)
-Kaldi Gold (Our Light roasted Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, wild and fruity)
-Sierra Gold (Our Medium and Dark Roasted blend of Colombian Coffee)
-Highlands Gold (Our Dark Roasted Sumatran Coffee, a fan favorite)
-Brazilian Gold (Our Medium Roasted Brazilian Coffee, silky and smooth)
The Creator's Collection: learn more!

-DrLupo's Lifeline Blend
-The Darkness Blend
-Khanquer Blend
-MayDay Roast
-Cohhilition Blend
Sailing off into the Sunset:
The following roasts are being "sunset" for now, we made changes based on supply, popularity and reducing redundancy in our lineup. As we move forward we want to continue to provide truly excellent coffee and showcase what makes Kings Coast Coffee truly special!
-DrLupo Murder Free (Finding a reliable, steady source of the beans required to make this unique blend have become a challenge)
-Colombia: La Magdalena
-Peru: La Capilla 
-Java: Sunda Hejo
-Papua-New Guinea: Kiam
-Sumatra: Tiger Gold
-Uganda: Rwenzori
-DR Congo: Kivu
-Kenya: Tembo Gold
-Guatemala: La Morena
-Costa Rica: San Diego
-Nicaragua: Los Papales
-Daybreak Decaf (will be changing to a Roaster's Choice style Decaf, called "Golden Hour")
As always, we take a lot of pride in what we do and want to continue to provide exceptional coffee, roasted to order and delivered to your door. We look forward to continuing to be "your local roaster" as we moved forward into a more focused and environmentally aware lineup. 
Thank you all for letting us do what we do and continue to be able to create and challenge ourselves to providing coffee for a living!
-Wayne Cafariella
Chief of Coffee / VP of Product Development
Kings Coast Coffee Company