Autumn Tide has rolled in for the Seasonal Selection!

Autumn Tide has rolled in for the Seasonal Selection!

Seasons come and seasons go, Tides change and so does the weather. Our Autumn Tide is here for the season!

About the Roast:

I often get excited when the seasons change, there's no secret here that Autumn is one of our favorites and definitely mine. The change in weather, the cool mornings, the warm afternoons and then crisp evenings makes me want a nice bold cup of coffee to sip on. 

When we sourced this coffee, we kept the weather in mind. This single origin from Papua-New Guinea is perfect for the Autumn months. Boasting a cup full of dried fruit, brown sugar a touch of spices and earthiness round it out. 

Hailing from the Jiwaka Province, this is a fully washed Bourbon and Typica, grown in the fertile volcanic soils of the region. The climate and terroir lend to a uniquely earthy and spiced coffee when combined with our full city roast profile, you find a truly awesome cup of delicate and bold balance. 

This roast is here for the fall season, so don't miss out! If you're signed up to the Seasonal Selection subscription, we have automatically rolled you over into the new offering!

We hope you enjoy this one as much as we do!