Barrel Aged Coffee - Private Barrel Selection

Barrel Aged Coffee - Private Barrel Selection

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This is Barrel Aged coffee like we have never done before! These barrels were Privately Selected by local friends of ours at West Islip Wine & Liquors. Coming from Maker’s Mark and Lux Row Distillers, this is limited and unique local collaboration.

We have selected two unique coffees to barrel age, that match the flavor profiles of the hand selected bourbons from which the barrels came. We have selected a Costa Rica and El Salvador offering, each with their own complex flavors and aged them for 21 days.

This coffee is perfect for those Bourbon fans who want to take their coffee to the next level and would make an excellent gift for coffee enthusiasts! Sold in a pairing, you get two unique roasts and regions to try on their own or compare side by side. Order while supplies last and taste the difference that barrel aging can make.

Maker’s Mark Private Select Barrel

Origin: Tarrazu, Costa Rica
Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra
Body: Creamy, Full Body
Acidity: Medium, Smooth             
Process: Fully Washed 
Flavor Notes: Red Apple, Honey, Burnt Orange, White Oak

Lux Row Distillers – Ezra Brooks

Origin: San Miguel, El Salvador
Varietal: Bourbon
Body: Silky, Medium Body
Acidity: Low, Smooth             
Process: Fully Washed 
Flavor Notes: Toasted Almond, Dark Cherry, Lemon, White Oak

 *Includes 2 (two) 8oz bags of Barrel aged coffee. 1 (one) barrel aged in Lux Row bourbon barrels. 1 (one) barrel aged in makers mark bourbon barrels. No liquor, bottles or additional items included.



At Kings Coast Coffee, we take pride in our roast-to-order process, ensuring that every cup of coffee is crafted to perfection. We meticulously select the finest beans, skillfully roast each batch, and never compromise on quality. While it may take 3-5 business days to roast your order, we believe that great coffee can't be rushed. Your order is roasted to order, guaranteeing freshness, and then carefully packaged and shipped to your door. Trust our commitment to quality and savor the exceptional coffee experience we deliver.