Kaldi Reserve - 12oz

Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Haro Wachu, Uraga, Oromia, Guji
Altitude: 1950-2000 Meters
Variety: Bourbon
Processing: Natural
Roast: Medium

Introducing the Kaldi Reserve. This single origin roast features the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe bean. Legend has it that Kaldi is the original discoverer of coffee. Dating back to 850 AD, the legend says Kaldi, a Ethiopian goat farmer, noticed that his goats were nibbling on the bright red berries of a certain bush and were very energetic. He himself tried the fruit and his revelation prompted him to bring the berries to a nearby monk. The monk however disapproved of their use and tossed them into a fire, from which an aroma billowed. The roasted beans were picked from the embers, ground up and dissolved in hot water and behold, the world’s first cup of coffee was born.

Regardless of historical accuracy, the legend or myth makes for a great story and we have devoted this roast to the “Creator of Coffee” This medium roast provides a bright burst of berries and wine flavor, light in body with notes of blueberry and after tones of bittersweet chocolate. Truly a gem of a roast and something we’re proud to stamp our brand on!