Kings Crew Open Enrollment:

We are pleased to announce a brand new venture, an opportunity to join the Kings Crew. Open to influencers of all types and all platforms of representation. We are offering the opportunity to become ambassadors of Kings Coast Coffee Company.

We are hand selecting like minded individuals that embody the spirit and drive of what makes Kings Coast Coffee.  So join us in sharing our brand and become a member of the Kings Crew.

  • 50+ Concurrent Viewers on streaming platform of choice.
  • 2,500+ followers on Social Media accounts.
  • 5,000+ subscribers on YouTube
  • Daily Interaction: Through tweets, Instagram posts, stories, snaps etc. We are looking for highly interactive influencers
  • Creativity: We are looking for unique influencers, ones who stand out from the crowd.
  • Professionalism: As a member of the Kings Crew we expect a high level of professionalism on all forms of social media. You will be a representative of our brand at all times.

We are looking for influencers that match these milestones, however this is not the end all be all. Applications will be hand selected and chosen by Kings Coast Coffee Co. at our discretion.  


Benefits/Rewards of Partnership

  • Commission based on conversion success. Simply put: the more you sell, the more you earn. 
  • Upon approval of your application you will receive a unique promo code for your purchases, every month while you are an active Kings Crew Affiliate you will receive new/unique discounts only available to Kings Crew Members.
  • Crew Members will receive exclusive access to new content such as: merch, new roast, new products and developments
  • Crew Members who perform at a highly successful rate will earn the opportunity to become branded partners and have your own custom roast developed and branded such as: Professor Broman, King Gothalion, Dr Lupo and Darkness 429.