Estate Collection - Jamaica Blue Mountain

Estate Collection - Jamaica Blue Mountain

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This is one that truly should not be missed, The Rarest of the Rare, exquisite & full of luxurious flavor. Boasting tasting notes of floral teas, tart cherries with a subtly cane sugar finish. Direct from the farm, The Estate Collection is where we get to strut out only the best, hand selected, nano lots of coffee and showcase them to you.

Pre-sale starts Friday 2/24 @ Noon EST and a very limited number of bags are available. Guarantee you get yours by pre-ordering a bag today. The coffee is en route to us, and will begin roasting and shipping out as soon as it lands here. 

Origin: Blue Mountains of Jamaica 
Farm: Saint Andrews Parish
Cupping Score: 92
Varietal: Gesha, Jamaica Blue Mountain 
Body: Creamy, Heavy
Acidity: Warm, Bright              
Process: Washed
Flavor Notes: Floral Tea, Tart Cherry, Cane Sugar


Our standard process of roasting and shipping to order takes about 3-5 business days. You will receive a confirmation email with the tracking number as soon as it ships from our location.

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