Bowbreaker Espresso

Bowbreaker Espresso

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Keep a weathered eye on the horizon, in open waters beware of the Bowbreaker! A fierce rogue wave known for taking down even the sturdiest of vessels.

For fans of classic "European Style" espresso, we bring you the "Bowbreaker". This roast is complex, spicy and unique. When it is dialed in the Bowbreaker produces a rich, foamy head of crema. Bursting with rich notes of baker's chocolate and molasses with hints of red apple, it's syrupy like like texture makes a phenomenal shot of espresso. Pairs excellently with milk for a full bodied and robust cappuccino or latte. This rounds out our espresso offerings and completes the collection of roasts, offerings for everyone.

Recommend Espresso Preparation: 18-gram dose in, 25-30 second pull, 36-grams extraction out

Origin: Brazil, India, Java
Varietal: Bourbon, Malabar, typica
Body: Foamy & Bold
Acidity: Mellow & Smooth              
Process: Monsooned, Wet Hulled, Natural
Flavor Notes: Baker's Chocolate, Molasses, Creamy 
Roast Level: Dark
Q-Grade Score: 85

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