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The Bayman's Blend

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This roast is a tribute to those weathered and hardened by the sea! The perfect dark roast for those mornings when the seas will be rough, the “kinda day that’ll blow the hair off a dog”

The “Bayman’s Blend” is our darkest roast, a blend of Indonesian coffees birthed in the fiery and smoky soils of Sumatra and Papua-New Guinea. Semi sweet notes of dried fig and raisin with a spicy dark chocolate finish. This earthy and spiced roast pairs very well with milk and sugar and is preferred by those who drink it that way. Excellent on drip and especially in a French Press, the Bayman’s Blend is one of our founding profiles and will be your beacon in the storm.

Origin: Sumatra & Papua-New Guinea
Varietal: Bourbon, Arusha, Typica
Body: Full & Bold
Acidity: Mellow & Smooth           
Process: Wet Hulled & Fully Washed
Flavor Notes: Fudge / Bitter Caramel / Smoky
Roast Level: Dark


At Kings Coast Coffee, we take pride in our roast-to-order process, ensuring that every cup of coffee is crafted to perfection. We meticulously select the finest beans, skillfully roast each batch, and never compromise on quality. While it may take 3-5 business days to roast your order, we believe that great coffee can't be rushed. Your order is roasted to order, guaranteeing freshness, and then carefully packaged and shipped to your door. Trust our commitment to quality and savor the exceptional coffee experience we deliver.