2020 Anniversary Roast - Huila Pink Bourbon

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Origin: San Agustín, Huila, Colombia
Varietal: Pink Bourbon
Body: Light & Crisp
Acidity: Complex & Bright              
Process: Fully Washed
Flavor Notes: Pomegranate, Honeysuckle, Grapefruit Brûlé

In the past we've always done an Anniversary Roast and always aspired to make it something really unique and one of a kind, this year we gone even further to the ends of the coffee world to find you something worthy of this honor, Pink Bourbon.

Pink Bourbon (not like the American Spirit, it is pronounced Burr Bone) is a rare and truly coveted find, a gem in the coffee varietal world. It is a hybrid of Red and Yellow Bourbon that offers a sweet and complex flavor packed profile to it's beans. It requires a meticulous and diligent farmer that even under the most ideal and pristine growing conditions, still make it an incredibly challenging offering. The juicy pink cherries are hand selected at the exact moment of ripeness yielding an exceptionally complex and wonderful cup of coffee.

Our featured farmer is Jose Daniel Muñoz and his 5-hectare farm, Villa Camila located in Huila, Colombia is home to about 13,000 coffee trees. Daniel and his team of farmers hand select and de-pulp the cherries the day they are harvested and ferment the coffee for about 30 hours prior to being dried to bring out the complex flavors locked within.

Rare is an understatement! Once again we've sourced a few of the only bags of this magnificent crop that exist in the world and bring it right to your doorstep. This roast is highlighted with sweet juicy notes of pomegranate and honeysuckle and ruby grapefruit. Smooth, balanced and sweetly tart it's perfection in a cup.

The artwork is an original painting, done by Christie Jones of Swell Anchor Studio and can be found on Instagram @swellanchor and dressed to fit our coffee bags. We wanted something truly unique and specifically fitting for our brand, so here it is!

As always, this is a limited supply so don’t miss out!

2020 Anniversary Roast - Huila Pink Bourbon
2020 Anniversary Roast - Huila Pink Bourbon
2020 Anniversary Roast - Huila Pink Bourbon
2020 Anniversary Roast - Huila Pink Bourbon