Jujimufu's Hi-Octane Roast - 12oz

Carmo de Minas, Brazil
Takengon Highlands, Sumatra
Chimbu Province, Papua-New Guinea
Altitude: 950-1800 Meters
Variety: Arusha, Bourbon, Typica, Ateng, Yellow Bourbon, Tim Tim
Processing: Washed (Papua-New Guinea) / Wet-Hulled (Sumatra) / Natural-Honey (Brazil)
Roast: Dark

OK coffee fanatics, it’s time to fuel up! Introducing the Hi-Octane Roast by Kings Coast Coffee in an exclusive partnership with Jujimufu. We’ve roasted up a bold and fiery new blend that’ll keep you properly caffeinated and ready to take on any challenge thrown your way!

The Hi-Octane Roast features our first offering from Brazil, boasting citrus notes and a full body, combined with the smooth nuances of Sumatran beans and a smoky finish thanks in part to the volcanic soils of Papua-New Guinea. Coffee is a natural antioxidant and a great natural source of energy. Enjoy as a pre workout or perhaps something to get you over that mid day hump, you’ll be doing back flips in no time! No matter what’s in store for the day we’ve got your fuel to crush any challenge!