Highlands Gold - Sumatra

Highlands Gold - Sumatra

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One of our top selling single origin offerings has been our Highlands Gold. Suamtran coffees are extremely versatile and can be roasted so many ways to bring out different results. This dark roast hailing from the Highlands of Mendheling is what you’ll be reminded of for that “Seattle Coffee House” style of roast. Bold notes of mulling spices, dark chocolates and a silky earthy finish are what you’ll expect to find here. One of our darkest roasts, perfect in a French press on a cold morning if you’re looking for that, look no further!
  • Origin: Mendheling, Sumatra
  • Varietal: Ateng, Catimor & Typica  
  • Body: Heavy & Earthy
  • Acidity: Mild & Floral          
  • Process: Wet Hulled
  • Flavor Notes: Dark Chocolate / Mulling Spice / Silky
  • Roast Level: Dark

Our standard process of roasting and shipping to order takes about 3-5 business days. You will receive a confirmation email with the tracking number as soon as it ships from our location.

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