Estate Collection - Mango Honey

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Origin: Matagalpa, Nicaragua
Farm: Finca Idealista
Cupping Score: 92
Varietal: Pacas, Caturra
Body: Light
Acidity: Bright              
Process: Honey
Flavor Notes: Juicy Mango, Pineapple, Sweet Honeycomb

Take us back to that cupping table, after chatting with Ben from Gold Mountain over the phone a couple times, then finally meeting at SCA Coffee EXPO and seeing the passion and pride that he and his team bring to their farm, Gold Mountain’s “Finca Idealista“ it truly is one of a kind. The anticipation of trying new offerings is always fun, cupping coffees can seem a bit daunting for newbies and especially on as big of a stage as the SCA Coffee Expo. Here we stood, no turning back now, grab your spoons! I sat there enjoying the aromas billowing out of this cupping bowl and a bit nervously I took my first slurp of this juicy, bright and exceptional coffee. POW! It was like nothing we’ve ever tried before, I looked up in shock and said "we have to have it!” I quickly discussed terms and we bought 3 of only 5 bags in the world last year. It is finally time to let you have a taste!

Introducing the first offering in our new Estate Collection, this is one that truly should not be missed. Direct from the farm, hand selected cherries that are picked for their mango flavor characteristics. The coffee is then honey processed, which leaves a bit of the sugary flesh of the fruit on the bean. When roasted it brings a natural sweetness to this juicy and fruity coffee. The Estate Collection is going to be where we get to strut out only the best, hand selected, nano lots of coffee and showcase them to you.

Estate Collection - Mango Honey

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