Major Changes to the lineup! Here's a guide to help you navigate the waters!

Major Changes to the lineup! Here's a guide to help you navigate the waters!

September 1st, 2021: The Lineup has completely changed! Or has it?

As we celebrate four years of Kings Coast Coffee Company it was time for a product refresh and brand re-design. Our lineup has always been a mix of custom created blends, mixed with excellently sourced single origins. 

We have streamlined and made some changes to how we look and talk about our coffee. Our lineup can be categorized into three identifiable tiers. 

Custom Blends - Espresso - Single Origin

Coastal Collection:
Kings Coast Coffee Company is proud to introduce our Coastal Collection, a series of ethically sourced and craft roasted coffee blends. We are taking action to give back, to preserve and to protect the waters that surround us and have teamed up with local partners to do just that. Every bag of coffee sold from this collection will plant 5 oysters into local bays as well as sponsor beach cleanups in our local waters and the shores we call our home.

-Fair Winds
-Bayman's Blend
-Deep Water (Formerly Get Woke)
-Dawn Patrol (Formerly EZ Morning)

Espresso Collection:

Espresso Fans we’ve got you covered. We now offer three different roasts, uniquely designed and profiled for specific styles.

-Countach: Our Cafe Staple - Caramel & Velvety
-Down Easter: West Coast Style - Bright & Fruity
-Bow Breaker: Classic Italian Style - Chocolate & Creamy NEW*


Single Origin Collection:

We are revamping the entire single origin experience. The term "Reserve" is now being, well... reserved for truly exceptional and limited offerings. We are cleaning up the look of our single origins, refreshing them and giving them a focused branding. We are highlighting the 4 main regions of the coffee belt an each region will have a “GOLD” offering.

Single Origins are sourced from these highlighted and selected regions. Although the individual offerings from farms/mills/washing stations may interchange due to seasonal availability, the core of these roasts are the regions and showcasing what they are best known for.

Roasts are named by REGION then either a farm/washing station or landmark from which the originate. It helps to make the coffee's more recognizable and hopefully help you learn to talk about coffee the way we do here at Kings Coast. 

Central America:
-MEXICO: Aztec Gold (formerly Aztec Reserve)
-GUATEMALA: La Morena (Formerly Santa Cruz Reserve)
-COSTA RICA: San Diego (Formerly San Marcos Reserve)
-NICARAGUA: Los Papales *NEW

-KENYA: Tembo Gold *NEW
-ETHIOPIA: Yirgacheffe (Formerly Kaldi Reserve)
-UGANDA: Rwenzori *NEW

South America:
-COLOMBIA: Cauca Gold (Formerly Daybreak)
-PERU: La Capilla (Formerly Chasqui Reserve)
-COLOMBIA: La Magdalena (Formerly Sierra Reserve)
-BRAZIL: El Cerrado (Formerly Sul de Minas Reserve)

Asia & Pacific Islands:
-SUMATRA: Tiger Gold *NEW
-JAVA: Sunda Hejo *NEW
-PAPUA-NEW GUINEA: Kiam (formerly Solomon Sea Reserve)
-SUMATRA: Mandheling (Formerly Highlands Reserve)


We are extremely excited to bring these changes to our lineup and feel that it will help YOU navigate and explore the coffee world to even further lengths. We are celebrating our four year Anniversary as well as looking forward to what the future holds! We are thankful to all of you for making this happen!

-Wayne Cafariella
COO/Head Coffee Roaster
Kings Coast Coffee Company