Ethical Sourcing: What that means to Kings Coast Coffee Company

Ethical Sourcing: What that means to Kings Coast Coffee Company

Kings Coast Coffee Company is the result of what happens when you give a group of like-minded, driven and passionate coffee drinkers an avenue to create and explore.

Our mission from the start was to deliver freshly roasted coffee to your door. We roast all of our coffee to order and ship anywhere in the world. We want to be your local coffee roaster, no matter where that location might be.

Why is our coffee so good? Simply stated, we buy the best of the best. We refuse to cut corners and offer a variety of blended and single origin and micro lot roasts from all over the globe.

One question we see frequently is: "Is your coffee organic?" So let's dive into that one. Short answer, yes... well, it's a bit more complicated. 

Kings Coast Coffee ethically sources all of our coffee from around the global market. We purchase various forms of certified green organic, fair trade as well as many other various certifications. We make a substantial effort to support farmers, producers, exporters and baristas in making each cup an authentic, quality experience - from Farm to Cup! Is our coffee organic certified? No. With the way the laws work on certifications, you are required to pay an additional licensing fee on top of every single sku that you offer. Most of our coffees are sourced from farms so small that they themselves cannot afford the organic certifications, despite growing and producing exceptional coffees to organic standards. We produce all of our roasts in a clean, organic standards coffee roastery and therefore keep the costs down for us and directly for you, the consumer.

Our focus is to deliver exceptional coffee to customers, while investing in the farms that produce the world's best coffee. So join us in our quest to discover truly great coffee.

We roast in small batches with ❤ on Long Island, New York.