Welcome to the Future!

I remember growing up and thinking that in the year 2020 we'd all be living in the future! Well, here we are, a couple days away from entering that "future" and looking back on all the things we've accomplished this past year, I had to take a moment and reflect on the past. 

The dream became a reality for us back in September of 2017, we launched and thrust forward into the great unknown and unforseeable future with an idea and a passion. Not going to lie, I was scared to death (I think we all were) but what happened has been truly magical! 

I want to take a second in the midst of the overwhelming rush of holiday orders to thank you all each indivually for the support that you've shown to us throughout this company's still very young lifespan. If not for the tremendous support we wouldn't be able to continue to push our limits and achieve our wildest dreams. With that being said, it's time to start looking into OUR future and you're coming with us!

Kings Coast has always been and forever will be an interactive and engaged coffee experience. We want you all to have that "WOW" moment from every sip of our coffee. From art styles, to packaging, to the product itself, we will continue to push and strive to be the best possible version of ourselves. I'm looking ahead on the calendar, already months ahead and I cannot wait to share the things we have in the works. New ventures, new products as well as improvements on existing product, packaging and supplies, expanding our "cafe experience" space, looking forward to GCX... the sky is no longer the limit, because we're going to space! Alright... maybe not space, but you know what I'm getting at. We're really looking forward to pushing this company into the next level and excited to have you all join us.

Sincerely Thankful!

-Wayne and the entire Kings Coast Coffee Company Crew


  • Ladman

    It has been nothing short of amazing watch y’all grow this company. proud to be a member of the Kings Crew!

  • Stephen L.

    Really enjoy your products. Great customer service. You have a customer for life. Keep up all the great work. Happy holidays.

  • Stephen

    Best coffee ever, by the best group of bud buds ever! I highly recommend all coffee lovers to give it a go. You won’t regret it!

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