Pour Over like Kings Coast! Our set up we used at Guardian Con

July 18, 2018

Guardian Con 2018 is a wrap! We can't say THANK YOU enough everyone who was involved with being a part of this year's tremendous success! Thank you all for purchasing and supporting our Guardian Con Roast a great way to give back to charity!

To everyone who had a chance to swing by our booth and meet the crew, we just want to extend a warm and grateful thank you from the bottom of our hearts. To think that just a year ago Kings Coast Coffee Company was not even an idea or concept and yet here we are, standing here as a testament that hard work, ethics, passion and overall love for bringing a quality coffee to the market is not only possible but absolutely a blast to do! For those who didn't have a chance to attend the event, come join us next year! We'll be back!

For those who DID have a chance to come to our booth and got to meet the crew, we had a lot of people asking about our pour over set up and where to buy it, so we figured, we'll make you a little shopping list and give you some links to what WE use to prepare our coffee, as well as the ratios we use to brewing the PERFECT cup of freshly roasted Kings Coast Coffee. 

So here's a list of the items we use and links on where to buy them. What you'll need:

-Chemex Brand 8 cup Coffee Maker click here

-Chemex Brand Natural Coffee Filters: click here

-Electric Kettle with Controllable Thermostat: click here

-Digital Scale that converts to grams: click here

-Your Favorite Kings Coast Coffee Roast: click here


So why should I do this?

We recommend using the pour over method of brewing simply because it gives arguably the best results. It allows the natural oils to come through the brew yet results in a very clean and crisp tasting cup of coffee. It's a great way of actually tasting all the subtle notes and nuances of our coffee roast. So this is why we recommend using this method of preparation. 

So how do I do this?

It may look a little intimidating, but please, have no fear. Essentially what you're doing is slowly pouring water over the top of the coffee grinds and letting gravity do the work to brew your cup of coffee. 

So let's start at the beginning. Now that you have the equipment to brew like a pro, here's the method that'll have you pouring the perfect cup of Kings Coast Coffee in no time at all!

Step 1: The Grind. You'll want to use a medium ground setting for your grinds. We can pre grind, however we always recommend grinding your beans fresh to order, every time you brew your coffee. Our ratio is 18 grams of Grind to 300 grams of water and you can scale up from there. This will produce about a 12 ounce cup of coffee, a great way to start your day. 

Step 2: Preparing your Chemex. Pre soak your coffee filter and place the Chemex with the coffee filter on top of the food scale. Set the scale to 0 and make sure you're weighing in grams for the most accurate results. Once the filter is wet, add your grinds to the cone til the scale reads 18 grams. Reset (tare) the scale to 0 and get ready for the next step.

Step 3: Heating your water. We recommend a brewing temperature of 195F degrees. This is the optimal temperature for brewing our coffee. Water boils at 212F, if you're brewing with a water temperature that is too hot it will scorch the grinds and result in a bitter tasting cup of coffee. This is why we recommend using an electric kettle with a thermostat. There are cheaper options out there, just be mindful of your water temperature.

Step 4: The Bloom! This is arguably my favorite part of the brew. With the filter wet, grinds in the cone, water at the desired temperature and the scale set to zero grams, slowly start to pour the water over your grinds in a circling motion. Try not to pour directly down the sides or directly down the center. Stop around 85-100 grams and then wait for about 45 seconds. Enjoy the smells here, this is where they will begin to blossom and perfume. 

Step 5: Pour over. Continue to  slowly pour the water over your grinds in a circling motion. Try not to pour directly down the sides or directly down the center. I usually stop around 200-250 grams and will allow the water to filter through, then pour the remaining water to reach a total weight of 300 grams. 

Step 6: Remove the filter and pour into your favorite mug! I recommend preheating your coffee mug by pouring a bit of the heated water in while you're brewing your coffee, then empty the mug and pour in your freshly brewed coffee. 

Step 7: Taste! Enjoy your cup of perfectly brewed coffee and enjoy being part of an elite group of people who know what truly amazing coffee tastes like! Enjoy the ride my friends!



Head Roaster/Co-Owner

Kings Coast Coffee Company

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